What makes us different from the market?


We have been in fabrication business since 1979 and completed several Architectural and commercial fabrication successfully, more then 85% of modern day architects and designers prefer us.


Our expert and dedicated staff understand how important your project is to you. Many of our key employees are veteran fabricators. They have worked their way up through the company and have a wide range of experience in many aspects of the business. The Taheri’s Team believes in always making that extra effort to meet or exceed your expectations.


We have many in House fabrication capabilities we have upgraded our self with the most cutting edge technology available to improve efficiency and quality throughout the fabrication process.

Financial Stability

We have an excellent market value as we give instant payment; we are able to source materials quickly in any quantity. We practice sound financial fundamentals which are followed throughout all areas of our company.


We are located in the heart of the city in Mumbai and have workshops at Reay road, Chembur and Pune having delivery capacity throughout Maharashtra with transporting projects across the country.


We believe in our prices, so we are not at all in competition with local fabricators. We deal in high end clients. When we quote, we make sure that all areas of the project are outlined so there are no hidden costs that will pop up later.​


The initial construction of your project is only one piece of the puzzle. We are able to blast, paint and finish your project the way you want. We can handle your project from start to finish saving your time, money and ensuring quality.


We are able to read your drawings and have a dedicated team to ensure that the working drawing you provided is matching the actual fabrication.

Quality Work

We are ISO 9001 Certified we are aware of quality standards and prepared to deliver quality work that will pass all levels of inspection. Our excellence and superior quality has earned us the reputation of one of the most trusted architects in India. Our products have helped us carve not only a niche but a relationship worth a million assured smiles.