Empower designers to freely explore their creativity to create some of the most iconic, useful and beautiful structures in the world. Helping them win worldwide eminence and applaud by skillfully executing the fabrication part.


  • To take a national leadership role in the “make in India” initiative.
  • To contribute to India’s reputation as a leader in the production of artistic and unique pieces.
  • To fabricate well-researched, visually stimulating and thoughtful designs, created by architects and interior designers, which would make a distinctive contribution to their fields.
  • In pursuit of its mission, we are committed to doing business with high-quality precision, fabrication is done right and on time.

Industry we serve


Architecture and Designing Firms

Metal has become an important architectural and designing component. We can turn stunning designs into impeccable fittings of paramount importance for our discerning clients. Therefore, we focus on our key competencies of delivering fixtures and fittings that exceed our client’s expectations.

Building and construction industry

There’s very little that competes with a well-designed steel structure. One of the main reasons steel is used in so many construction projects is, its durability as it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio to any other building material, making it ideal for buildings both large and small projects. Installing them gives a definite boost to the style you’re trying to set for your space.
We built customized Gates, Sliding gates, staircase railings, and Pergola.

Wrought Iron furniture & table bases

If you already have your wood, stone, marble, glass or specialized tabletop, then Metal table bases should work well for you. Style is no problem because we offer a wide range of looks, from rustic to contemporary and everything in between.

Security and child safety

Gates and windows are vulnerable points of your house and in the absence of correct protection, burglars can easily break into your house. It’s not just about keeping predators out; you’re also keeping safety within, especially, when you have young children who are always naturally inclined to look for adventure, window ledges are notorious places for objects falling or getting knocked over quite suddenly.
So, by installing strong grills, fence, and gates, you’re ensuring your safety and avoiding accidental damage.


Taheri's is one of the leading ``customized metal furniture and metal fabrication companies in Mumbai since 1979``, we specialize in mild steel, Stainless Steel, cast iron, wrought iron, ornamental grill and fabricators of custom-designed articles in various metals. More than 85% of modern-day Architects and designers prefer us.
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